5 Alternatives to the Ubigi eSIM

ubigi esim alternatives

Ubigi is a French company that offers eSIM cards that allow international travelers to connect to the internet. Likewise, it has plans to connect vehicles to the internet, using eSIM technology.

In this top we have selected 5 alternatives to the Ubigi eSIM that will allow you to connect to the internet when you travel abroad. The operation of the eSIM is similar once you have installed it. Some alternatives offer more payment methods, a faster installation method and data packages with more GB and at different prices.

We recommend that you review the 5 options and choose the one that best suits your travel needs.

1. Nomad eSIM

Nomad eSIM is an eSIM card store for travelers and companies that need to connect to the internet in international destinations. It belongs to the American company LotusFare, a company dedicated to offering cloud solutions. It currently works in cooperation with the international mobile operator Truphone, who provides the technology and data plans. Nomad eSIM has eSIM cards for more than 165 countries and regions in the world. It stands out for its low prices, with eSIM starting at 6 USD that includes 1 GB for 7 days.

2. YeSIM

YeSIM is part of the Swiss company Genesis Group. Like Nomad eSIM, it also offers eSIM for travelers and for businesses. It stands out from the rest of the alternatives to Ubigi due to the agreements it has with local operators , since it connects to the networks of multiple operators and the best in each country. Their data plans are available by country, region and global, covering up to 136 countries with a single eSIM. It offers data plans with packages from 3GB for 7 days for a price of 10 euros. It also includes plans with unlimited data, which start at a price of 21 euros for 7 days.

3. Maya Mobile

This American store also specializes in offering eSIM cards for international travelers and workers. Like YeSIM, Maya Mobile also includes limited and unlimited data packages. It has coverage in around 200 destinations and connects to two of the main mobile operators in the country you are traveling to. It stands out for having an automation method in the recharges you make of your data plans , this prevents you from running out of data during your trips. In 30-day plans, the renewal is done every month, until completing six months on your trip. As for prices, these start at 8 USD with 3GB for 5 days. For each destination it includes around 28 data packages.

4. MobiMatter

MobiMatter is a marketplace founded in the United Arab Emirates where you will find multiple mobile operators in the world offering eSIM cards. In fact, Ubigi eSIMs are also distributed there. Its main difference is in the diversity of eSIM providers. For some destinations you can find more than 70 options to choose from. Their prices start at 3.5 USD for 1 GB with a validity of 7 days. The sales conditions of each eSIM vary depending on the provider you choose.

5. Flexiroam

Flexiroam is one of the oldest companies in the internet connectivity market for travelers. Over time it has been changing SIM technologies, FlexiShare and a few years ago it implemented the eSIM. It offers data plans for trips lasting from 3 days to about a month. It stands out for its global data plan that includes more than 150 destinations around the world and also for its plans for short trips , which start from 3 days with 500 MB and a price of 2.50 USD.