4 Best eSIM cards for the USA with Unlimited Data

Best eSIM card for travel to USA with Unlimited Data

In the United States it is already common to have a data plan that includes an unlimited mobile internet connection. For several years, local telephone companies have offered it through SIM cards in prepaid and postpaid plans.

On this occasion we reviewed the best eSIM cards for travel to the US and chose those that offer plans with unlimited data. We evaluate restrictions, validity of use, quality of coverage and customer support.

Best eSIM cards for the United States that offer unlimited data plans

1. Maya Mobile

This prepaid eSIM card provider stands out for offering plans with unlimited data in multiple countries. For the United States it includes packages with multiple benefits and low prices. In fact, this store belongs to the Maya Virtual company. Inc., a company founded in 2015 in the US.

Although it has a total of 28 plans, 12 of them have unlimited data and can be contracted from 5 days to a month. All have an online recharge option up to 6 months.

Maya Mobile classifies unlimited data plans into three categories:

Lite: These are ideal plans for people who need an internet connection on a single mobile device. For this reason, data cannot be shared with other smartphones via hotspot or tethering. The daily fair usage policy at full speed is 2 GB, beyond this the speed is reduced to 1 Mbps. See all plans.

Standard: if you are traveling to the USA as a couple or in the company of someone else, this plan may be the right one. It has a fair usage policy of up to 3 GB per day at full speed, once you exceed that amount the speed is reduced to 1 Mbps until the next day. All mobile data in this package can be shared with other devices using hotspot or tethering. See all plans.

Max: this plan is ideal for those who are going to work in the United States temporarily, it includes 5 GB of daily browsing at full speed, when this amount is exceeded the fair use policy reduces the speed to 1Mbps until the next day. You can share these data packages via hotspot or tethering with your travel companions or your work equipment such as PCs, tablets and smart watches. See all plans.

Maya Mobile eSIM prices that include unlimited data start at $18 for 5 days and go up to $79 for 30 days.

The coverage you will get in the United States will be from Verizon and T-Mobile, both of which are notable in this country for the implementation of 5G networks.

Or learn more about Maya Mobile.

2. YeSIM

YeSIM is a Swiss provider of eSIM cards for tourists. A few months ago it began offering plans with unlimited data in the United States. In total it includes three options from 7 days to a month.

The 7-day plan can be shared with several devices and your browsing will be at full speed until 15 GB is reached, when exceeded, the speed is limited to 512 kbps according to its fair use policy.

The package with unlimited data for 30 days can also be shared with multiple devices via hotspot or tethering. This has a fair usage policy of 50 GB, beyond which the speed is reduced to 512 kbps. See all plans.

The price of YeSIM eSIMs starts from 25.30 USD to 63.80 USD.

Coverage is similar to Maya Mobile, it also connects to T-Mobile and Verizon networks in the USA.

Or learn more about YeSIM.

3. Flexiroam

Flexiroam is a new player in prepaid plans with unlimited data in the US. This Hong Kong-based provider arrived with competitive prices and plans similar to other providers.

Within its catalog it has 4 plans with unlimited data, all of them have a reasonable usage policy of 2 GB per day.

Prices for plans with unlimited internet in the US start from 19 USD for 5 days to 47 USD for 15 days. See all plans.

Or learn more about Flexiroam.

4. Holafly

This travel eSIM card provider was founded in Spain. It is characterized by offering unlimited data to multiple countries in the world. For the US it includes packages with unlimited data per day.

In total it offers 90 options which start from 1 day at a price of 6 USD to three months for a value of 139 USD. See all plans.

These plans are intended to be used only on one device, therefore hotspot or tethering is not enabled.

Fair usage policy is unclear, some users have used 7 GB in one day, others have had their speed reduced after using 3 GB.

Holafly eSIM cards will connect to AT&T networks.

What is the fair usage policy (FUP) on plans with unlimited data?

The fair use or reasonable use policy is a condition imposed by telephone companies to prevent abusive consumption of data by some users.

These types of policies are not only included by travel eSIM providers, but also by US companies. T-Mobile usually includes unlimited data plans for its users with a fair usage policy of 50 GB per month, AT&T has a similar policy. By exceeding those browsing capabilities, the speed is reduced to 3G or 1.5 Mbps.

Advantages of an unlimited data plan versus a limited plan

You save

The first impression of unlimited data is that it is expensive. However, if you make a calculation between the daily fair usage policy and multiply it by the number of days, the price of gigabytes is lower than contracting a plan with limited data. Let’s see it with an example:

A USA plan with limited data for 7 days with 1 GB is priced at 4.5 USD.

A USA plan with 5 days unlimited data is priced at $18.

If the unlimited data plan has a fair usage policy of 2 GB per day, the price per gigabyte is $1.8. On the other hand, in the limited plan it is 4.5 USD.

According to an Ericsson report on traffic on mobile devices, in 2023 smartphone users used 21 GB per month. This indicates that they consumed around 0.7 GB per day.

Knowing your consumption habits can help you choose more precisely the data package you need to have internet in the US.

Tip: delete the data mobile consumption from your cell phone before starting your trip and review it when you return.

Best experience

Anyone who has already contracted a mobile plan with unlimited data knows the experience of browsing anywhere as if you were connected to a WiFi network. You can telework, share information, consult maps, etc., without thinking about running out of data.

You never lose connection

Unlimited data is unlimited, although they have a reasonable usage policy. With this restriction you continue in communication with your family or acquaintances, it also allows you to consult maps or browse the Internet.