Maya Mobile Review, How Does Its Unlimited Data work?

maya mobile review

We have carried out a review of Maya Mobile in different aspects that we consider important to take into account and that can help you decide and prevent problems during its use.

We will take a tour of the company, we will explain its rates, the purchase process, payment methods, what you will receive after the purchase, the installation process, the coverage and quality of the network and at the end we will give you some general conclusions about the user experience of what your customers say.

What is Maya Mobile?

Maya Mobile is a US company founded in 2015 under the name Maya Virtual, Inc. This company is currently dedicated to selling data plans through prepaid eSIM cards . Maya Mobile is focused on international travelers and workers who require an Internet connection in different countries.

How does Maya Mobile work?

Maya Mobile works through eSIM cards that connect to the local networks of the countries to which users travel. To start using its services, you need to create an account, choose the destination where you will travel, indicate the service activation date and make the payment. At the end of this process, the user receives a QR code in their email. With this code the eSIM is installed on the smartphone.

After the eSIM is installed on a smartphone, it works the same as a local eSIM, although it does not provide a phone number, only the Internet. Likewise, for the eSIM to work, it is necessary to enable the roaming function from the smartphone settings section.

The Maya Mobile eSIM works on all smartphones that have the ability to add an eSIM card. It is important that your smartphone does not have blocks or restrictions for use on different mobile phone operators.

Rates and prices

Maya Mobile eSIM prices are low compared to the roaming service usually offered by telephone companies. The prices of their eSIMs with data are from 8 USD onwards. The validity of use of its service is from 5 days to 30 days, with a recharge option.

In detail, Maya Mobile has data plans for 5 days, 10 days, 15 days and 30 days. The amount of mobile data that these packages can include are usually 1 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB, unlimited data lite, unlimited data standard and unlimited data max.

We consider it important to clarify unlimited data and its variants. Their names lite, standard and max are due to the fair use policy that each package has and the possibility of sharing data or anchoring more devices to that network. We explain it to you below:

Unlimited data lite: with this package you can browse at full speed up to 2 GB per day, once you exceed that amount, the speed will be reduced to 1Mbps until the next day. It will also not be possible to share the internet to another smartphone or to your PC because the hotspot or tethering function will be disabled.

Standard unlimited data: in this case the daily limit is 3 GB, if you exceed that amount you can continue using the internet at a speed of 1Mbps. This package does allow you to share mobile data with other devices such as smartphones or PCs.

Max unlimited data : This package allows you to use 5GB per day at full speed, once you have exceeded that amount, the speed is restricted to 1Mbps until the next day. You can share the mobile data in this package with other devices such as PCs or smartphones through hostspot or tethering.

Regarding the classification of destinations, Maya Mobile offers eSIM cards that work in one country and eSIM cards that have coverage in regions. These regions are grouped into Europe, the USA, Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

Maya Mobile services

With a Maya Mobile eSIM you can use the following services:

Mobile data: it is the main service, with mobile data you can browse the internet, use your Apps, consult itineraries, book hotels, etc.

Online recharge: allows you to increase the amount of mobile data in the Maya Mobile eSIM that you have installed on your smartphone.

Auto recharge: with this function enabled, Maya Mobile will recharge the same data package that you have activated once it detects that your data is running out.

Monthly plan: this service is available in 30-day data packages, it allows you to automatically recharge the eSIM every 30 days with the amount of data that you have previously activated during the purchase.

Where can you get it?

You can get the Maya Mobile eSIM from its online store . After registering you will be able to manage all the eSIMs you purchase from your account.

What do you receive after the purchase?

After purchasing the Maya Mobile eSIM, you will receive an email that contains an installation guide and a QR code for you to install the eSIM on your smartphone or mobile device.

Maya Mobile eSIM quality

So far we have analyzed the technical aspects of the Maya Mobile eSIM, now we will analyze the experience of using the service.


Maya Mobile has coverage in nearly 200 destinations around the world . Depending on the type of package you buy, you can use it in countries or regions. The regions into which Maya Mobile divides coverage are Europe, Asia, South America, and the Caribbean. At the moment it does not have an eSIM with regional coverage in Africa, although there is one for some African countries.

As for the browsing speed you will have, in most destinations it has agreements with local operators to use 4G LTE and 5G networks in developed countries such as the US and Europe.

You also have the possibility of connecting to the network of more than one local operator. For example, if you travel to Mexico you can connect to the Telcel and AT&T Mexico networks. If you travel to the USA you can choose the T-Mobile and AT&T USA networks.

When reviewing the quality of network coverage, the local operators you connect to are mostly the ones with the best network coverage , although there are exceptions in some destinations.

Customer service and support

Maya Mobile has a customer service through a FAQ section and installation guides or to solve errors during the use or installation of the eSIM.

It also has a live chat service, which has automated help with a Bot for general queries and a team of agents in case you do not have an answer in the FAQ section or using the Bot.

Similarly, it has a request page from where you can request help on technical issues.

Of all these channels, the fastest is the live chat service.

Payment methods

Maya Mobile allows you to pay using a PayPal account, credit and debit cards from Mastercard, JCB, Visa, American Expres and Discover.

Installation and activation

Installation using a QR code is a simple and fast method . With the arrival of iOS 17 on iPhone and different versions of Android, it is possible to scan that QR code by adding it from the gallery, this way it is not necessary to have two devices or print the code to scan it with the camera.

The activation of the service is done by indicating the date. On this point, you must take into account the time in which the eSIM will be activated so that you do not have problems with the time of arrival at your destination and have the bad experience of not having the eSIM activated yet.

Maya Mobile: Pros and Cons

Based on all the review we have done of Maya Mobile, we leave you our general opinion, its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Wide combination of data packages and days of use (approximately 28 options to choose from per destination).
  • Includes packages with unlimited data.
  • You can recharge data to the eSIM.
  • You have the possibility of activating the monthly service to use the eSIM for 6 months abroad.
  • It connects to two local carriers, some of them the best in the country.


  • Few payment methods.
  • When the unlimited data fair usage policy is exceeded, the speed may be less than 1Mbps.

Customer reviews

Maya Mobile has a rating of 4.6 on Trustpilot, we leave you below the most outstanding negative and positive opinions.

Best rated

  • It is easy to install and activate.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Friendly and efficient customer service.

Worst rated

  • Unlimited data restrictions.
  • Connection incidents in some areas.

If you have an experience to share with using Maya Mobile, let us know in the comments!