Nomad eSIM Review: How Does Mobile Data Work?

Nomad eSIM Review

In this review we are going to evaluate the Nomad eSIM card store, focused on international travelers who require an internet connection on their smartphones.

We explain what the company is, the products you can buy in its store, how to make the purchase, the quality of its coverage, customer service and we will give you a general conclusion of its services.

What is Nomad eSIM?

Nomad eSIM is a store specialized in selling eSIM cards that include mobile data for use in different countries around the world. At a corporate level it is part of the American company LotusFlare, dedicated to offering technological solutions to other companies.

The store was launched in 2020 as a solution to the high prices of international roaming. Over time, it has expanded its compatibility and country coverage.

Where can you get it?

Nomad has different channels to obtain its eSIM cards. Among them are its online store, the iOS application and its app for Android smartphones.

What do you receive after the purchase?

At the end of the purchase you will receive an email that contains a QR code which will allow you to install the eSIM on your mobile device. You will also find in that email the instructions for you to carry out the installation process and start using the Nomad eSIM services.

Services offered by Nomad eSIM

Mobile data: Each eSIM you purchase from the Nomad store includes a mobile data plan for use in the country or region you have selected.

SMS: This service is only available for US and Canada destinations. Allows you to send and receive up to 500 SMS within the corresponding country. These messages are useful for communication between family members or co-workers. Nomad does not guarantee functionality to receive SMS from bank accounts.

Recharge the eSIM: If you need more data, Nomad allows you to recharge the eSIM. It is important to do this before the data package expires or has run out. This feature is only available for users of Apple iPhone or iOS devices.

Nomad eSIM quality of service

So far we have evaluated the features of the Nomad eSIM. Now we are going to review the quality of the service in coverage, customer service, ease of purchase and installation process.


Nomad eSIM has coverage in more than 165 destinations around the world. The quality of the mobile network depends on the mobile operator of the destination country to which you connect. Their eSIMs make use of the networks of two or more local mobile carriers. As for browsing speed, in most destinations it works in 4G/LTE. In some areas of developing countries it works on 3G networks and in some developed countries you can connect to 5G networks.

Customer service and support

Nomad eSIM has a Help Center where it contains several categories of frequently asked questions. From there you can solve problems with installation, refunds and find out details of the eSIM you buy. It also has a page for sending requests.

At the moment it does not have an online chat service open to the public. To contact Nomad, you must do so from their requests page, describing the problem and selecting the category. The response time of this channel is fast.

Payment methods

When purchasing a Nomad eSIM card you can pay using your Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Union Pay, Discover, Elo credit and debit cards. Payments through PayPal are also enabled.

Ease of installation and activation

Nomad eSIM prepaid eSIM cards are installed by scanning a QR code. This step begins the download and installation of the eSIM profile. To activate, no extra steps are required, since it is automatic.

To prevent unexpected data expenditure or premature activation, it is recommended to install the Nomad eSIM a few minutes before starting the trip. It is important to keep in mind that internet access is required to download the eSIM.

Nomad eSIM: Pros and Cons

Based on the analysis of the Nomad eSIM, we leave you the following advantages and disadvantages taking into account the connectivity needs when traveling abroad.


  • Most of their plans start from 6 USD.
  • Includes plans with unlimited data in some destinations.
  • It has 24/7 customer service with quick response.
  • Various payment methods.
  • Most of their eSIMs have the possibility of recharging.


  • It does not have customer service via live chat.
  • Help and customer service in Spanish is partial.

Customer reviews

The rating of Nomad eSIM by the majority of its customers is 4.8 on the Apple store, 4.6 on Google Play and 4.4 on Trustpilot. Below we leave you the best and worst rated.

Best rated

  • Easy to use.
  • The price is competitive.
  • Immediate activation after installation.

Worst rated

  • Connection failures in some areas.

Here we conclude our review on the Nomad eSIM. If you have an experience using this company, share it in the comments!