How to Get Internet While Traveling to Spain?

how to get internet in Spain

Nowadays, it is increasingly necessary to use a mobile phone abroad. One of the favorite countries for travelers is Spain. This tourist and work destination is a European country that offers a diverse culture and history, which is why people from different social and academic strata visit it.

In this guide we are going to tell you about the different options that you have available so that you access internet in Spain. Depending on the type of trip you have, we will show you different alternatives so you can choose the one that fits your specific needs.

Option 1. Get a prepaid eSIM for Spain

If you have a smartphone that supports eSIM cards, this option is one of the best. The Spain prepaid eSIM will allow you to connect to the internet without leaving the place where you are reading this guide. There are different eSIM providers, among them are Maya MobileYeSIM or MobiMatter. Each of them with different data plans. By getting an eSIM from these providers you will receive an installer and an installation and activation guide.

Option 2. Buy a SIM card for Spain

You can buy a Spain SIM card and replace it with your own while traveling to Spain. In this case you can use your smartphone similar to what you use at home. To get a SIM you can do it online and you receive it at home before traveling. Companies like SimCorner or TravelSIM offer you this service. If none of these providers meet your requirements, you can also choose to get the SIM when you arrive in Spain. When choosing this option we recommend you get it outside the airports to avoid inflated prices.

Option 3. Rent a portable travel WiFi

For family or work trips, renting a pocket WiFi for Spain can be a good option. Usually, this device allows you to use the internet on up to 5 smartphones or computers that connect to a WiFi network. It works similar to a home WiFi router. However, you must keep in mind that you are renting a device, which you must return when you return from your trip. Companies that offer this service usually offer unlimited data at full speed, which has a daily usage limit that ranges from 500 MB to 5 or 10 GB, beyond that amount the speed is limited to 3G.

Some companies that offer portable WiFi rental service for Spain are MioWiFi and TravelWiFi.

Option 4. Activate data roaming

With the data roaming service in Spain you will be able to continue using the contracted services you have with your mobile phone operator. It will not be necessary to change SIM or add a new plan. The main disadvantage of this option is its prices and limits , which can be around 10 USD for each MB or daily package. It is also common for it to only be available on the most expensive postpaid plans. Activation of this service can be done by contacting the company or directly from the operator’s app.

Option 5. Connect to public WiFi networks

It is the most economical option for those who do not want to invest their travel budget in an internet connection. However, it is not a recommended option due to the risks, instability and dependency it generates. These WiFi networks are usually in commercial establishments, restaurants or cafes. There are applications dedicated to collecting free WiFi points in Spain and the world.


All options for connecting to the internet in Spain are useful depending on where you are and the number of people you are traveling with. The cheapest options to access internet in Spain are eSIM and free WiFi networks. On the contrary, the most expensive options are to use the data roaming service and rent a pocket WiFi for Spain.