Flexiroam Review: The Best and Worst Rated

flexiroam review

If you are planning to buy an eSIM or SIM from Flexiroam , we recommend that you read this review where you will find its strengths and weaknesses, opinions from different users and an average rating of its service.

We will also give you several recommendations so that you have a good experience and avoid problems due to ignorance of their products and services.

What is Flexiroam?

Flexiroam is a company that provides global internet connection, it was founded in 2011 by Jefrey Ong in Malaysia. It arises as an option to the international roaming services of local telephone companies.

This company throughout its history has implemented different technologies to provide Internet connection, SMS and calls around the world. Among them are services such as FlexiShare, SIM and eSIM.

Flexiroam works through agreements with local or international operators that provide coverage of their services.

Rates and prices

Flexiroam classifies its rates into global, regional and local. The global plans have coverage in more than 150 destinations, the regional ones cover a continent such as North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, among others.

Here it is worth mentioning that regional rates do not necessarily have coverage throughout the region, so it is important to look at the countries it covers before making the purchase to avoid bad experiences. Finally, local plans have coverage in a single country.

As for prices, their data plans start with a value of 1.90 USD per 500MB and a validity of three days for local plans, if you choose a regional plan the price will be higher starting from 6 to 8USD with the same amount of data and validity of use.

The data plans of the local and regional plans have a validity of up to 24 days with a price between 30 and 40 USD and a maximum browsing capacity of 10GB.

Rates with global coverage have a validity of use from 15 to 360 days at a price of 13 to 270 USD, respectively. The amount of data does not vary with respect to local and regional plans, offering from 500 MB to 10 GB for the package that lasts one year.

Where can you get it?

Flexiroam SIM and eSIM cards can be requested through its website , using the App for iOS or from its App for Android smartphones .

What do you receive after the purchase?

What you receive after the purchase varies depending on the product you choose between the SIM and its eSIM. We detail it below.

When purchasing a SIM card

After completing the purchase of a SIM or Microchip, you receive a confirmation email that also includes information to track your order.

If you buy an eSIM

When you complete the purchase of an eSIM at Flexiroam from its online store, you will receive an email containing a code and a guide with information about the installation and activation process.

When purchasing the eSIM directly from the App, the eSIM will automatically be associated with your account and you can find it in the section: Account > Manage my SIM(s).

Flexiroam services

Mobile Data: at the moment the only service that Flexiroam offers on its cards is Internet access, the SIM can be used both on smartphones and on a Pocket WiFi. Mobile data can be shared via hotspot or tethering without limits or restrictions.

FlexiShare: if the SIM or eSIM you buy from Flexiroam includes this service, you can share your plan data with another user who has an eSIM for the same destination.

Online Recharge: With Flexirioam you can recharge your SIM or eSIM card online from the website or Apps, so it is possible to add more credit or data whenever you need it, even while you are abroad.

We share a table where we summarize the services offered in 5 destinations.

DestinationFlexiShareData Plan (From – To)Rechargeable
(Buy online)
Yes500MB – 10GBYes
(Buy online)
Yes500MB – 10GBYes
(Buy online)
Yes500MB – 10GBYes
(Buy online)
Yes500MB – 10GBYes
(Buy online)
Yes500MB – 10GBYes
Services offered by Flexiroam in Europe, USA, Mexico, Canada and Japan

Flexiroam eSIM quality

In this section we will evaluate different aspects that we consider important and useful during your trip.


Flexiroam has coverage in around 200 countries in the world . However, several of them are covered by regional and not local eSIMs. Therefore, if you plan to travel to a country that is not on their website, you could try to search for it in the regional or global plans.

Regarding browsing speed, most have agreements on 3G/4G networks . For now, it does not offer coverage on 5G networks in countries that already have this technology.

Customer service and support

The Flexiroam company has different customer service channels. One of them is their help center where you can find general information about the SIM, eSIM, shipping, payments, invoices, activation process and management of your account.

You can also receive attention through online chat or WhatsApp 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this service is offered in English.

Finally, the other channel available is email, you can contact Flexiroam by sending a message to the email [email protected] or from their contact page .

Of these means of support, the fastest is through live chat.

Payment methods

To buy a SIM or eSIM card at Flexiroam you must have a credit or debit card, you can also use Apple Pay and AliPay.

Installation and activation

The installation method that Flexiroam has to install the eSIM is its App, therefore, you will need to download it to your Apple or Android device to carry out this process.

Once you log in to the App you can manage the eSIMs you have purchased. An advantage of Flexiroam in your eSIM is the possibility of keeping the eSIM for life. Additionally, the data plan you purchase can be installed for up to 6 months.

On the other hand, it is not necessary that you install a different eSIM every time you buy a new plan, it can be activated on the eSIM that you already have installed. Although there are exceptions, for example, a local eSIM does not allow you to activate a global plan and it will be necessary to download a new eSIM profile.

Flexiroam: Pros and Cons

Now that we have evaluated different important aspects about the Flexiroam eSIM, we leave you the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Their prices start from $1.90, allowing you to experience the service easily.
  • The Flexiroam eSIMs installed on your smartphone are valid for life.
  • It offers global plans that are valid for up to one year and cover 150 countries.
  • It has customer service 24 hours a day via chat (WhatsApp and its website).
  • The eSIM installation process can be done from the App.
  • You can transfer the data plan to a travel companion who also has Flexiroam.


  • When purchasing a physical SIM, shipping costs between $10 and $40, which significantly increases the price of the product.
  • The mobile data offer is low with a maximum of 10 GB, even to use it for a year.
  • It does not have customer service in Spanish.

Customer Reviews

Flexiroam has a rating of 4.8 on TrustPilot, 4.1 on Google Play and 4.0 on the App Store. Here we list you a summary of the best and the worst rated by the majority of customers.

Best rated

  • Customer service is good because they solve problems quickly.
  • The possibility of reusing the eSIM to activate new data packages.
  • The ease of use of your App.

Worst rated

  • Unstable connection in some destinations.
  • The lack of inclusion of some countries in regional or global plans.

And here we end this review about Flexiroam, if you have an experience to tell, let us know in the comments!