Saily Review: How Does it Differ from Other Options?

Saily Review, the NordVPN eSIM

Since January 2024, NordVPN had announced the launch of an eSIM in the first quarter of this year. Now it has arrived and is available on different channels. But is there any difference compared to the rest of the eSIM providers? Or it’s just another one on the market.

In this review we will do a detailed analysis of everything you should know about the NordVPN eSIM, called Saily, you will know its positive and negative aspects and the differences compared to other options that have been on the market for several years.

What is Saily?

Saily is an eSIM card store for international travelers. It was launched at the end of March 2024 by Nord Security and competes with other brands such as Maya MobileNomadYeSIM and Flexiroam.

It arises as an alternative to the high costs of the data roaming service that telephone companies offer to their users when they travel abroad.

Saily works in partnership with 1Global, an eSIM card provider for international travel. This company had already made alliances with other brands such as Revolut and Jazeera to provide eSIM cards in a section of the applications.

Services available and data plans

Saily’s services are similar to other international eSIMs. At the moment it only includes internet service and classifies the plans as follows.

From 1 GB for 7 days to 20 GB for 30 days. Package prices vary according to the popularity of the destination. In countries like the US, the cheapest eSIM costs around 4.5 USD with 1 GB for 7 days and the most expensive is priced at 41 USD and includes 20 GB for 30 days. In Mexico prices start at 8 USD with 1 GB for 7 days and go up to 80 USD for 30 days with 20 GB.

At the moment it does not offer regional or global data plans.

How can you get the Saily eSIM?

You can get the Saliy eSIM from the online store, downloading the app for iOS devices and from the app for Android smartphones compatible with eSIM.

To buy a Saily eSIM you must register through any of the three mentioned channels. Registration gives you an account from which you can manage the plans and cards you have purchased.

Payment methods

You can pay using debit and credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. In some regions, PayPal payments are also enabled. Payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay are also available.

Quality of service

Now we will evaluate the quality of the service taking into account coverage, support, customer service, installation and activation of the eSIM.


Saily eSIM cards have coverage in 150 countries on different continents around the world. Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania are included.

The browsing speed will depend on the country you visit, the networks to which the Saily eSIM will connect are 3G, 4G and LTE. In Latin American and African countries the speed will be lower than in North American, European and Asian countries. This is due to the telecommunications infrastructure available in each country.

Customer service and support

Users receive 24/7 customer support when logging into the app. Saily, at the moment, does not have documentation on the management and use of the eSIM. The contact email is [email protected] and to request an invoice for the purchase you must contact 1Global at [email protected].

Ease of installation and activation

To download and install the Saily eSIM, you must first install the app. There are no other methods to activate it.

Saily: Pros and Cons

Taking into account our experience with other eSIM providers and reviewing Saily services, we share our opinion on the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Affordable prices.
  • 24/7 customer service.


  • Does not offer regional data plans.
  • It is necessary to download the app to install and activate the eSIM.
  • It does not provide information about the operator you will connect to at the destination.

Saily, how is it different from other options?

According to the review carried out, Saily has no differences compared to other international eSIM card providers. In its initial version, it lacks functions implemented by other brands that have been on the market for several years.

Do you have an experience from having the Saily eSIM? Share it with everyone in the comments.