How to Get Internet While Traveling to the USA?

How to get mobile internet in the USA

When you travel to the United States it is common to review different accommodation options, flights, insurance, among other options, with the aim of ensuring a quality trip. Although all of the above is important, you should also take into account how you can get internet when traveling to the USA.

Although data roaming service is one of the easiest options to use, it is not the most recommended. Just like getting a SIM at some US airport, it’s also unlikely to be the best option.

In this guide we will show you different options so that you can have internet during your trip to the USA. We will analyze its pros and cons so that you can choose the option that fits your need for an internet connection according to the mobile or laptop device you carry.

Option 1. United States eSIM

In order to use this option, you must have a phone compatible with eSIM. Brands like Apple iPhone and Samsung are pioneers in this. The smartphone must also be unlocked and compatible with USA network frequencies. Once you verify that you comply with the above, the application, purchase and activation process is simple and fast. Some major eSIM providers that include data plans are Maya Mobile, Nomad eSIM, YeSIM, and MobiMatter.

Option 2. Buy a Prepaid SIM card for the USA

With a prepaid SIM card you can get internet in the United States. Currently there are different options to get it online. As with the eSIM, you should make sure you bring a smartphone or mobile device that is unlocked for use on any carrier and supports US network frequencies. This option is recommended if you have a phone that is not compatible with the eSIM. The main telecom companies in the United States are AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Option 3. Pocket WiFi

The pocket WiFi, MiFi or also called router, is the third recommended option to get internet in the USA. Unlike the two previous options, in this case it is not necessary to check the compatibility of your mobile device in the USA because the device that emits the internet connection is the pocket WiFi. The companies providing this service will be responsible for guaranteeing compatibility and operation. In your case, you only have to connect to the WiFi network generated by the router. Once this is done, you will be able to use your smartphone as if you were at home.

Option 4. Data roaming

This service is provided to you by the mobile phone company with which you have a contract. It is usually only available on postpaid plans . The main disadvantage of data roaming in the United States is the price. Operators usually charge a high price for each MB or GB you consume. In the same sense, there is usually a restriction on the maximum amount of data consumption allowed. To activate the service you can contact your operator or consult their website, there you will find the rates and find out if your current plan includes it.

Option 5. WiFi in public places

Surely when you go out for a walk or travel in your country you will find places that have WiFi included. The same thing happens in the United States, where a large number of places will allow you to connect to the Internet in the US. However, the quality of service is not guaranteed. When connecting to these networks, it is advisable to use a VPN that provides protection against data theft. There are also applications dedicated to collecting the location of this type of public networks.


There are different options to connect to the internet during a trip to the United States, one of the simplest and fastest options to achieve this is through the eSIM and activating data roaming. Pocket WiFi are a good option for people traveling as a family or group , and they are also useful when you are going to connect to the Internet on PCs to work during your stay. Finally, when necessary, public WiFi networks can be used with caution and, where possible, complemented with a VPN.