SimOptions Review: The Best and Worst Rated

simoptions review

If you are thinking about purchasing an eSIM at SimOptions, in this review you will find useful information to help you make that decision.

We have been able to notice that many customers of this company have not been informed before making the purchase. Some have even purchased their eSIM believing they were requesting a SIM card.

What is SimOptions?

SimOptions is a company founded in Hong Kong in 2016, specializing in providing international SIM and eSIM cards for travelers. These SIM cards allow people traveling abroad to use their mobile phones to connect to the Internet.

Rates and prices

SimOptions prices are cheaper when compared to international roaming rates.

Their eSIM cards include a prepaid data package , most with an expiration of up to one year without activation. The price per GB of the packages varies according to the destination, the number of days and data. In some destinations it offers 1GB for only 1.2 USD, in others, prices are raised offering 1GB for 6.7 USD.

Where can you get it?

SimOptions has an online store where you can order SIM and eSIM cards.

What do you receive after the purchase?

At SimOptions you can buy international SIM cards and prepaid eSIMs . Depending on the type of card you choose, you will receive a different email . We explain both cases below.

When purchasing a SIM card

After completing the purchase, you receive a confirmation email. Then, when the shipment is made, you will receive an email with information to track the order.

If you buy an eSIM

After purchasing an eSIM at SimOptions, you receive an email containing a QR code and activation codes . The customer can choose whether to install the eSIM with the QR code or do it manually using the activation code. That email also includes instructions if you don’t know how to install an eSIM.

SimOptions services

We explain the services it offers and the uses you can give them.

Mobile data

One of the main services is the provision of mobile data. Users can access the Internet , check emails, use applications and browse the web using the mobile data provided by the card.

Calls and SMS

SimOptions cards typically allow you to make calls and send text messages to both local and international numbers.

Online recharge

Sometimes SimOptions allows users to top up their card online, meaning they can add more credit or data whenever they need, even while abroad.

We share a table where we summarize the services offered in 5 destinations.

DestinationCallsSMSData Plans (From – To)Rechargeable
EuropeYesYes5GB – 50GBYes
United StatesNoNo1GB – 20GBNo
MexicoNoNo3GB – 10GBNo
MoroccoNoNo6GB – 10GBYes
JapanNoNo1GB – 30GBNo
SimOptions eSIM services in 5 destinations.

SimOptions eSIM quality

Now we will evaluate different important aspects that may be useful to you during your trip.


SimOptions has coverage in 205 destinations , this includes eSIM cards for countries and also those that work in regions such as Europe or Asia.

In terms of browsing speed , most destinations allow a 4G Internet connection . With this you will not have a problem uploading photos to the Internet, making video calls or using your applications, it is a good speed.

Customer service and support

You can ask for help through three channels:

  • Live chat in the store.
  • Write to email: [email protected]
  • Contact telephone number: (+1) 6465862166

Of these means of support, the fastest is through live chat. 

Payment methods

When you make the purchase, SimOptions allows you to pay through Alipay, Stripe, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and JCP cards.

Installation and activation

SimOptions offers two methods of installing the eSIM, through scanning a QR code or adding the activation code , the most convenient of the two is to scan the code with the phone’s camera.

Activation will be carried out automatically after connecting to the network. To install the eSIM and activate it at the destination, SimOptions recommends putting the smartphone in airplane mode, connecting to a WiFi network and at the end of the process, leaving the eSIM inactive. Once at your destination, activate it for use, in this way you avoid the consumption of the days of use before traveling.

Simoptions: Pros y Contras

After evaluating what we consider important about SimOptions, we leave you a list of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Most eSIMs have an expiration of one year.
  • Several of their eSIM cards include calls.
  • In some destinations they offer a local phone number.
  • In several destinations it has agreements with local operators.
  • Offers customer service in English.
  • Hand over the eSIM after making the purchase.


  • For physical SIM cards, shipping in Standard class has no guarantee.
  • In their online store the information on some regional eSIMs is confusing.

Customer reviews

SimOptions has a rating of 4.3 on TrustPilot and 4.6 on eKomi . Here we leave you a summary of the best and the worst rated.

Best rated

  • It has been flexible with customers who did not have an eSIM compatible smartphone. These customers have been provided with a refund by SimOptions.
  • Flexibility with customers who had a smartphone compatible with eSIM, but it was blocked by their operator and they could not install the eSIM. These customers have been provided with a refund by SimOptions.
  • The installation process is simple and fast.

Worst rated

  • The survey that customers receive to evaluate the service when they have not yet used the eSIM.
  • Limited solutions when customers install the eSIM and it does not work for them.
  • The eSIM cannot be returned.

And here we end this review about SimOptions , if you have an experience to tell, let us know in the comments!