10 Best eSIM cards for Travel to the United States

Top 10 eSIM USA Travel

With the popularity of the eSIM-only iPhone 14 and Apple’s promotion of its benefits for international travel at its launch, this technology is beginning to take hold in some developed countries. Today, there are dozens of eSIM stores, some are resellers and others are international suppliers.

In this top we have chosen 10 of the most outstanding and reliable for trips to the USA. We have classified them based on their characteristics, so that you can choose the best option according to your needs.

1. Maya Mobile – Unlimited Data and Hotspot/Tethering

Maya Mobile is an American company founded in 2015. This company offers data services and stands out for the function to auto-recharge the eSIM every 30 days until completing 6 months in the US.

Another notable feature of Maya Mobile is its unlimited data packages with the possibility of sharing them with other devices through tethering or hotspot. They all have a fair use policy. See all plans.

Maya Mobile eSIM prices start at $4 with 3 GB for 5 days. The monthly data plan is priced at $79 and includes unlimited data for sharing across devices. See all plans.

In terms of coverage, it has agreements with two of the main American mobile operators: Verizon and T-Mobile. The user can choose any of the two networks.

It also offers 24/7 customer support via chat, initially using automated responses and eventually directing you to a personalized agent.

It also has the service of recharging more packages, if the trip is extended or if you buy a data package that is not unlimited.

It is required to indicate the activation date during the purchase process. So, you must make sure you know the time of arrival in the US so that you have an internet connection when you land at this destination.

To start using their services you can make the purchase from the online store where you will find their updated prices.

Or learn more about Maya Mobile.

2. Holafly – Unlimited Data for Days

Holafly is a Spanish company that offers eSIM cards with internet connection and calls for trips to the US. One of its main features to highlight is its unlimited data, which, although they have a fair use policy, are a good option to ensure mobile data from start to finish of the trip with a single purchase.

Offers unlimited data plans from 1 day to 3 months. The cheapest eSIM is priced at $6. The three-month plan costs $139. See all plans.

It also has customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All data plans can only be used on a mobile device, the hotspot or tethering function is disabled.

Holafly eSIMs use AT&T networks in the United States.

3. YeSIM – Standard and Unlimited Data

YeSIM is an eSIM card provider located in Switzerland. For the United States, it offers two types of plans:

Standard: These are plans that include a fixed amount of data to use for a predetermined few days. This option includes four options, the lowest price is $12.10 and includes 3GB to use for 7 days. The data package of this type with the most data has 20 GB at a price of $28.60 and can be used in up to 30 days. See all plans.

Unlimited: these data packages allow you to browse unlimitedly in the US with the only condition of not excessive use of data (fair usage policy). There are three data plans of this type. From 7 days for a price of $25.30 to 30 days for a price of $63.80. See all plans.

It also has customer service for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

YeSIM US eSIM cards connect to T-Mobile and Verizon mobile networks.

Or learn more about YeSIM.

4. Nomad – Daily and Fixed Data Plans

Nomad is a provider of eSIM cards for international travelers, it belongs to the US company LotusFlare. This store offers two types of plans:

Regular – These packages have a predetermined amount of data and days of usage. They start in 7 days with 1 GB for a price of $6. The plan that includes the most data in this type offers 20 GB for 30 days at a price of $32. See all plans.

Daily: these are designed for short trips and include 1 GB per day. When the gigabytes run out, the user does not lose the connection and can continue browsing at a speed of 512 kbps. The cheapest data package is priced at $4 and can be used for one day, the longest data package can be used for 10 days and will cost you $22. See all plans.

With Nomad you have customer service through a request page. With this service you receive a response directly to your email.

Nomad data plans connect to AT&T and Verizon networks in the US.

Or learn more about Nomad.

5. MobiMatter – Multi-Vendor eSIM Cards

MobiMatter is a US-founded company dedicated to reselling eSIMs from other providers. It stands out for its low prices and a wide variety of eSIM cards for the US. It offers data plans with prices from $3.5 to use for 14 days, up to 100 GB valid for 3 months. See all plans.

It does not have customer service via chat. To request help you must complete a form. According to the priority of the query, MobiMatter assigns a ticket that allows support to be started with an agent.

You can make the purchase from their online store and receive the eSIM in a few minutes.

Or learn more about MobiMatter.

6. Flexiroam – Unlimited Data from One Week

Flexiroam is a company founded in Malaysia and since 2011 it has been offering solutions to connect international travelers. Going from SIM cards to international eSIMs. For the United States, it includes two types of data packages: fixed and unlimited.

Fixed: these are packages with an amount of data limited to a few days. This option has 6 plans. The cheapest costs $4 and includes 1 GB to use for a maximum of 7 days. On the contrary, the plan with the most data has 20 GB, costs $42 and can be used for 30 days. See all plans.

Unlimited: These are plans with unlimited data with a reasonable usage policy. The cheapest plan will cost you $19 and you can use it for 5 days. The longest plan costs $47 and can be used for 15 days. See all plans.

Flexiroam also has 24/7 customer service.

Or learn more about Flexiroam.

7. Keepgo – Multi-Network Coverage

Keepgo is an international connectivity provider founded in the USA and is dedicated to the sale of eSIM, SIM and Pocket WiFi cards. For the United States it has 7 options in data packages, of which two stand out.

Signus: includes from 100 MB to 100 GB. All of them have an infinite validity, as long as you recharge them every year with $3. The 100 MB package costs $3 and the 100 GB package is priced at $350. One of the strong points of this package is the coverage, as it can connect you to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile mobile networks. Likewise, you can use it in Canada. See all plans.

Solaris: This package offers you from 100 MB to 50 GB. The price of the 100 MB package is $3 and the 50 GB package will cost you $163. As for coverage, you can use the AT&T and T-Mobile networks. The validity of use is one year, by recharging $3 each year the plan will not expire. See all plans.

Support is available via live chat, sending a message via email and via call.

8. Conecty – Local Calls in the US

Conecty is a SIM and eSIM card store for international travel. It is a Colombian company and its eSIM cards allow you to make calls to this country. In the same way, unlike the rest of the options, Conecty also includes calls within the US.

In total it offers 13 data packages, all of them with unlimited data and a reasonable usage policy. It works through the T-Mobile operator. The cheapest plan is priced at $20 for 5 days and the longest plan is $165 to use for 90 days. See all plans.

Support is available through chat via WhatsApp.

Or learn more about Conecty.

9. Ubigi – Plans with Monthly and Annual Subscription

Ubigi is a travel eSIM card store and belongs to the French international operator Transatel. It is characterized by offering plans with single-use data, monthly subscription and annual subscription. For the United States it has the following plans:

One-time use: These data packages are optimal for travelers who need to use the data plan and do not want contracts or subscriptions. The cheapest package is priced at $2.9 and includes 500 MB to use for one day. The package with the most data has 50 GB for $58 and can be used for 30 days. See all plans

Monthly subscription: this plan is recommended if your stay in the United States is longer than one month. The lowest priced plan costs $7 per month and includes 5GB for browsing. The highest priced plan includes 20 GB per month and is priced at $19. The minimum duration of these plans is 3 months. See all plans

Annual subscription: This plan can be useful if you will stay for more than a year in the US. It offers two options: the cheapest plan costs $39 per year and includes 24 GB (2 GB / month). The other plan includes 60 GB (5 GB/month) for one year and costs $70. See more details.

All Ubigi plans can be recharged without having to have an active data package.

Ubig coverage in the United States works with the T-Mobile operator.

10. SimOptions – Extended Expiration

SimOptions is a Hong Kong company that works in a very similar way to MobiMatter, although it also offers its own data packages and in some cases has direct agreements with local operators.

It stands out for offering its eSIM an expiration of up to 1 year, which means that you have greater flexibility if for some reason you need to postpone the trip.

Of all its packages, it offers one that differentiates itself from the rest. SimOptions has an eSIM priced at $4.5 with 1GB to use for 30 days. This package is useful if you are going on a month-long trip and will use your mobile data connection low. See all plans.

This company also has 24/7 customer service via live chat.

Or learn more about SimOptions.


List of the best eSIM cards for the United States along with their most notable features.

ProviderOutstanding features
Maya Mobile– eSIM cards from $4 with 3 GB for 5 days.
– Unlimited data to share with multiple devices.
Holafly– eSIM cards with unlimited data from $6 for 1 day and up to 3 months.
– Unlimited data for up to 3 months at $139.
YeSIM– Plans from 3 GB to use for 7 days.
– Unlimited data to share.
Nomad– eSIM cards with 1 GB daily plans from $4.
– Daily plans with 1 GB daily for up to 10 days at $22.
MobiMatter– Multiple providers to choose from.
– Plans from $3.5 for 14 days.
Flexiroam– Unlimited data with plans from 7 days.
– Fixed data for 7 days at a price of $4 and 1 GB.
Keepgo– AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile coverage.
Conecty– Unlimited data and calls to local numbers.
Ubigi– Plans with monthly and annual subscription at affordable prices.
SimOptions– eSIM cards with expiration extended to one year if not used.