MobiMatter Review: The eSIM Card Marketplace

mobimatter review

In this review we will evaluate all the aspects that may be useful for you to know before purchasing a MobiMatter eSIM .

You will learn about the company, the products it offers, the most outstanding opinions of its customers and we will give you some recommendations so that you have the best experience.

What is MobiMatter?

MobiMatter is a company founded in the United Arab Emirates in 2018 by Ibrahim Akinci. Since its creation, it has been dedicated to distributing and selling international eSIM cards for different destinations around the world.

MobiMatter logo
MobiMatter logo

It stands out for offering prepaid data plans with limited amounts of internet at an affordable price, similar to a local eSIM card. It also allows the user to know the name of the company that will provide the service, with MobiMatter being an intermediary.

Where can you get it?

MobiMatter eSIM cards can be purchased online through two channels: Website and App for iPhone and Android .

What do you receive after the purchase?

After purchasing an eSIM in the MobiMatter store, you will receive a QR code available in the App, by logging into the website or through the email with which you made the purchase.

MobiMatter services

Mobile Data: Most MobiMatter eSIM cards specialize in offering mobile data on prepaid plans. The availability of other services depends on the eSIM provider with which MobiMatter has an agreement.

MobiMatter services
A MobiMatter eSIM for Europe

Calls and SMS: in some destinations, eSIMs include a local telephone number and the possibility of making calls within the country or region. On other occasions, the cards have an assigned number, but do not include SMS or calling service.

Online Recharge: This feature depends on the availability of the provider. In some destinations it is offered and allows users to add more data or minutes to a MobiMatter eSIM that you already have installed on your smartphone.

We share a table where we summarize the services offered in 5 destinations.

DestinationCallsSMSData Plans (From – To)Rechargeable
(Buy online)
YesYes1GB – 100GBYes
(Buy online)
NoNo1GB – 100GBYes
(Buy online)
NoNo1GB – 50GBYes
(Buy online)
NoNo1GB – 20GBYes
(Buy online)
NoNo1GB – 50GBYes
MobiMatter eSIM services in Europe, USA, Mexico, Morocco and Japan.

MobiMatter eSIM quality

Now we will evaluate different important aspects that may be useful to you during your trip.


MobiMatter has coverage in more than 200 destinations around the world. The speed on your eSIM cards depends on the country you travel to, most offer 4G speeds and in countries where the 5G network is already deployed, MobiMatter also offers it. This means that in European countries and North America you will be able to connect to 5G networks and in African or Latin countries you will have 4G speeds.

Customer service and support

Most of the MobiMatter support open to the general public is available in its FAQs section , where you can find general information about how to activate an eSIM, troubleshooting, payments and invoices.

To make inquiries about the products or report incidents, it is necessary to do so through the problem solver , an interactive tool that will ask you for your information such as email, order number, destination of the eSIM or the model of your device to offer you a solution or answer. This MobiMatter feature prioritizes the request based on the category of the query, which means that an incident will have greater relevance than a general query about the product.

MobiMatter has a full or partial refund policy if the customer does not get a solution after 12 hours of reporting the problem through the tool. Therefore, we recommend that you use it if you experience service failures.

Payment methods

When purchasing an eSIM at MobiMatter you can pay through Apple Pay and Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards.

Installation and activation

MobiMatter eSIMs are installed through a QR code that the customer receives after making the purchase.

It is advisable to install the eSIM before the trip because some of them are activated after being installed on the smartphone. When the eSIM is activated, the days of use of the service begin to count.

MobiMatter: Pros and Cons

After evaluating the aspects that we consider important about MobiMatter, we leave you a list of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • The price offer starts from 3.5 USD.
  • Several of their eSIM cards include calls.
  • In several destinations it has agreements with local operators.
  • The delivery of the eSIM is immediate.
  • Its Apps for iPhone and Android include the option to purchase, recharge and manage eSIMs.
  • Despite being a reseller, prices are usually the same as eSIM providers.
  • They offer different data plans than those offered by providers.
  • It has a rewards program of 10% of the value of each purchase.


  • It does not have an immediate messaging service to answer questions or report problems, it must be done through a file or ticket.
  • Many of its terms are conditioned by the service provider and not by MobiMatter, because it is an intermediary.

Customer reviews

MobiMatter has a rating of 4.2 on TrustPilot, 4.3 on Google Play and 4.8 on the App Store. Here we list you a summary of the best and the worst rated.

Best rated

  • The possibility of sharing smartphone data with other devices that allow you to connect to WiFi.
  • Low prices compared to local data plans.
  • 5G coverage in European countries such as Spain and the United Kingdom.
  • Ease of installation and activation.

Worst rated

  • Customer support because they have not been able to resolve problems with the eSIM.

That’s all we have analyzed about the MobiMatter eSIM, if you want to tell us your experience or want us to analyze another aspect, let us know in the comments.