The 5 Best eSIM for Traveling to Venezuela

top best esim venezuela

Being able to use your smartphone during your trip to Venezuela is essential. One of the fastest solutions to connect you to the Internet are eSIM cards.

In this top we compare 5 eSIM card providers for trips to Venezuela, where we review their price, advantages, disadvantages, installation and use. The goal is for you to make the best decision and choose the best option that fits your trip or stay in Venezuela.

Remember to bring an eSIM compatible smartphone. These companies allow the use of all brands of smartphones that include eSIM technology and are free to use on any carrier.

Table of Contents

1. YeSIM

YeSIM is an App from the Swiss company, Genesis Group. Provides eSIM cards with data to use your smartphone in more than 100 countries. For Venezuela it has four data plans that include from 1GB to 10 GB. Learn more details below:

  • 1 GB for 7 days worth 8 EUR.
  • 3 GB for 7 days costs 20 EUR.
  • 5 GB to use for 15 days will cost you 30 EUR.
  • 10 GB for 30 days is priced at 50 EUR.

To buy an eSIM from YeSIM you need to register, you have the option to do it with your email, your Gmail or Apple account. Once you register, you make the payment through Binance Pay, PayPal and different credit and debit cards. At the end you receive an email with the eSIM QR code. You can also find it in your YeSIM account.


  • Quick purchasing process.
  • Accept other payment methods such as Binance Pay.
  • You can recharge the eSIM.


  • Only supports payments in EUR.

2. Maya Mobile

This American company that offers connectivity solutions to travelers and tourists through its eSIM cards. It is one of the few companies that includes Venezuela among the countries where it has coverage. For this country it has data plans from 5 days to one month, in terms of data it has from 1GB to unlimited data. One of its differentiating features is the possibility of recharging the eSIM monthly automatically. Your data plans for Venezuela are as follows:

  • From 1 GB for 5 days for 8 USD to 10 GB for 5 days for 42 USD.
  • From 1 GB for 10 days for 9 USD to 10 GB for 10 days for 47 USD.
  • From 1 GB for 15 days for 10 USD to 10 GB for 15 days for 50 USD.
  • From 1 GB for 30 days for 10 USD to 10 GB for 30 days for 25 USD.
  • From 5 days with unlimited data for $29 to 30 days with unlimited data for $129.

Regarding the unlimited data plans, it is important to mention the daily usage limit, which is set at 2GB, once that amount is exceeded for a day the speed is restricted to 1Mbps.

If you need an unlimited data plans with greater capacity, Maya Mobile has two other options; The first has a restriction of 3GB per day and the second has a limit of 5GB per day. These two plans also enable the option to share the internet with other devices through WiFi Hotspot.

Once you choose the data plan of your preference, you have the possibility of recharging it when you need more data.

As for the purchase process, this is simple, although it is necessary that during the purchase you indicate the date on which you want to activate the eSIM. Once the process is completed, you will receive in your email the QR code with the eSIM and a guide to install the eSIM according to the device you take on your trip.


  • Various payment methods.
  • Customer service available 24/7 via chat and email.
  • You can manage and recharge the eSIM from an account.
  • Includes plans with unlimited data.


  • It is required to indicate a fixed date for its activation.

3. AloSIM

AloSIM is a company founded in Canada dedicated to distributing prepaid eSIM cards with mobile data plans around the world. For Venezuela you have four options:

  • 1 GB for 7 days for 9.50 USD.
  • 2GB for two weeks at a price of 18 USD.
  • 3GB to use for 30 days for a value of 25.50 USD.
  • 5GB for 30 days at a price of 40 USD.

Among its most notable features is the possibility of registering with your Gmail, Facebook or Apple email in a few seconds. It also has various payment methods available and you have the option to pay in USD, EUR and MXN. To make the purchase you only need to choose the data plan, make the payment and complete the purchase. The eSIM will be available in the My eSIMs section in your AloSIM account, ready to be installed and start using its services.


  • Signing up is intuitive and fast.
  • It stands out for the possibility of paying in European and Mexican currency.
  • If you need more data you can recharge the installed eSIM.


  • Customer service can improve.

4. Airalo

Airalo is a prepaid eSIM card marketplace with data and coverage in more than 200 destinations. For Venezuela, it offers four data plan identical to those of AloSIM in terms of amount of data, prices and validity of use.

  • 1 GB for 7 days for 9.50 USD.
  • 2GB for 15 days costs 18 USD.
  • 3GB for 30 days is priced at 25.50 USD.
  • 5GB for 30 days costs 40 USD.

To make the purchase it is necessary to register and verify the account. Once the previous steps have been completed, you choose the data plan you prefer to use in Venezuela, you proceed to make the payment. Airalo supports more payment methods than AloSIM. At the end of the purchase you receive the eSIM in your email with the installation guide. You can also find the eSIM within your account in the My eSIMs section.


  • You can recharge the eSIM.
  • It has multiple payment methods.


  • Limited customer service channels.

5. GlobaleSIM

GlobaleSIM is an Israeli company dedicated to offering solutions through eSIM cards. Unlike the other providers, GlobaleSIM also includes minutes in its packages. For Venezuela it offers the following options:

  • 1GB for 7 days for 23 USD
  • 2GB to use for 10 days worth $34.
  • 3GB for 14 days for 41 USD.
  • 5GB for 21 days will cost you 51 USD.
  • 10GB for 30 days is priced at 84 USD.
  • 15GB for 30 days costs 126 USD.
  • 20GB for 30 days for 150 USD.

In the case of minutes, it has the following three packages:

  • 100 minutes cost 10 USD.
  • 200 minutes are priced at 17 USD
  • 300 minutes for 25 USD.

It is important to note that the number assigned is not from Venezuela, you have the option to choose between a Canadian or United Kingdom number.

The steps to purchase an eSIM at GlobaleSIM are simple, you must choose the data plan you require, then you must indicate the activation date and proceed to payment. Supports credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal. Upon completion of the purchase you receive an email with a QR code and instructions to install the eSIM.


  • Includes calls within Venezuela.
  • You can recharge the eSIM.
  • Allows you to check the remaining balance.


  • Reduced and limited customer service channels.

iPhones that have eSIM and can be used in Venezuela

In case you have doubts about whether your iPhone includes eSIM inside, we leave you this list where iPads are also found. Although you should keep in mind that the eSIM cards in the previous top do not work in smart watches like the Apple Watch.