Mobile Carriers that Support eSIM in Mexico

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There are more and more smartphone models compatible with the eSIM in the Mexican market. However, to take advantage of this technology, it is necessary for mobile phone companies in Mexico to also add it to their services.

In this post we will tell you about the mobile operators in Mexico from where you can now acquire or renew your SIM for an eSIM. We will detail the compatibility with smartphones and smartwatches, the services they include and where you can request it.

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Although Telcel was one of the last Mexican telecommunications companies to incorporate eSIM technology into its services, it is also the one that is using it the most . Telcel in Mexico offers its eSIM service for postpaid plans on both smartphones and smartwatches. The service on watches is called Telcel Sync and is activated directly from the Apple Watch App on iPhones. However, to activate the service on smartphones it is essential to go to a physical store; for now it is not possible to request it online.

Movistar Mexico

As happened with Movistar in Spain , the company enabled the eSIM for its users in Mexico several years ago. It is compatible with different brands of smartphones that have eSIM technology incorporated , among them are the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S20, among others. In the same sense, for now the service continues not to be offered on smartwatches such as the Apple Watch or Samsung Watch. If you are interested in purchasing the Movistar México eSIM, you must go to an Authorized Service Center, most of which are only found in Mexico City.

AT&T Mexico

The American company AT&T in Mexico also offers the change from SIM to eSIM or the possibility of acquiring a new line. Unlike Movistar and Telcel, AT&T does allow you to purchase an eSIM directly from its website , although it is worth clarifying that it is only available for some types of plans and contracts , which are usually restricted to a minimum of 12 months of use. Continuing with compatibility, the AT&T eSIM in Mexico can be used in all smartphones that include eSIM technology, highlighting brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, among others. Although at the moment the service on smartwatches like the Apple Watch is not available.


The virtual mobile operator (MVNO) PilloFon also enabled its eSIM services at the end of 2022. For now it is compatible only with Apple brand smartphones, from the iPhone XS onwards. This company has a promotion for new customers where it offers an eSIM to use for 7 days that includes 10 GB, 500 minutes and 250 SMS. The eSIM can be requested online or by going to physical service points. Once the 7-day period has ended, the user must recharge the eSIM to continue keeping it active, otherwise it will stop working.


Diri is another MVNO that, together with PilloFon, added its services to the eSIM. The features are similar to PilloFon. It can be requested online and is compatible only on iPhone. It also offers the 7-day promotion with SMS, calls and data . To continue using it after 7 days it is necessary to recharge it.

Frequently asked questions about operators that support eSIM in Mexico

Which operator offers the most eSIM services in Mexico?

Currently Telcel is the operator that includes the most eSIM services in Mexico: minutes, data, SMS and multiSIM (Telcel Sync).

Which operator offers the eSIM in prepaid plans in Mexico?

At the moment, neither AT&T, Movistar or Telcel offer eSIM in prepaid plans. You need to switch to a postpaid plan or continue using a physical SIM on prepaid plans.

What networks does the PilloFon eSIM connect to in Mexico?

The PilloFon eSIM connects to the Altán Redes networks in Mexico.

What networks does the Diri eSIM connect to in Mexico?

Diri’s eSIM also connects to the networks of Altán Redes, which is a Mexican government company.