The 5 Best eSIM for Traveling to New York

Best eSIM for Travel to New York

An eSIM for your trips to New York allows you to continue using your mobile device as if you were in your country. The launch of eSIM-only iPhones in the US brought popularity to this technology, which has also led to the rise of eSIM card providers for tourists in New York.

In this comparison we have chosen five proven and reliable options so you can connect to the internet in New York. We will tell you about each of them about their reputation, the benefits they offer, their advantages, disadvantages and how to get them online from the comfort of the place where you are reading us.

1. Maya Mobile

Maya Mobile is an eSIM card provider located in the US and offers prepaid data plans for tourists in New York. In total, it has more than 28 data plans, these differ between data with a predetermined amount and plans with unlimited data. Their prices are low and start from 4 USD with 3 GB to use for 5 days.

It also has different charging options so that you are never left without an internet connection during your trips. Regarding browsing speed, their eSIMs connect to the 5G mobile networks of T-Mobile and Verizon, two companies notable for their coverage in New York.


  • Low prices.
  • Includes plans with unlimited data.
  • Allows you to share data with multiple devices.
  • Different types of recharges.
  • 24/7 customer support.


  • Reduced payment methods.

2. Nomad

The Nomad brand belongs to the American company LotusFlare and includes prepaid data plans from one week to one month. An eSIM with T-Mobile network coverage is available for $6 with 1 GB and can be used for 7 days. It also offers a prepaid data plan with 5G coverage in New York from AT&T and Verizon for $7 and includes 1 GB to use for 7 days. In addition to the aforementioned data package, Nomad has five more options with validity of up to one month and up to 20 GB.

Nomad eSIM cards are automatically activated when you connect to any Nomad-compatible mobile network. If you need more data, you can also use their recharge service.


  • Your eSIMs can be recharged.
  • Low prices.
  • Your mobile data can be shared.


  • It does not have support via chat.

3. YeSIM

From Europe we include YeSIM, located specifically in Switzerland, this eSIM card store for tourists offers data plans for New York with a fixed amount and packages with unlimited data. As it is a European company, the payment currency is in euros. Their prices start at 11 EUR for 3 GB to use in New York for 7 days.

In total it includes seven data plans, with the possibility of recharging for days or navigation capacity. They will use the US mobile networks of AT&T and T-Mobile.


  • Good network coverage.
  • Includes plans with unlimited data.
  • Data can be shared.
  • Allows recharging.


  • Customer service is offline for a few hours.

4. MobiMatter

MobiMatter works as a rate comparator and eSIM card store. It hosts data plans from various providers on its website. This way you can choose and buy online from more than 70 data packages to use your smartphone in New York.

Mobile network coverage depends on the package you choose, however, they also usually make use of AT&T and T-Mobile mobile networks.

MobiMatter was founded in 2018 in Dubai, so it has several years of experience offering this service.


  • Wide offer in data packages.
  • Low prices.
  • Includes a Troubleshooter.
  • They can be recharged.
  • Different currencies when processing payment.


  • The conditions depend on another provider.
  • It does not have customer service through chat.

5. Flexiroam

For short stays in the US or New York, Flexiroam offers data plans from 3 days onwards with a browsing capacity of 500 MB at a price of 2.50 USD. This company created in Hong Kong has been offering connectivity solutions for international travelers since 2011.

After purchasing Flexiroam eSIM you will have up to three months to activate it.


  • Good price-benefit ratio for three-day trips.
  • Offers customer service.


  • It is mandatory to download its app to activate the eSIM.
  • Their package with more data only includes 10 GB.