Mobile Carriers that Support eSIM in the USA

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With the arrival of the iPhone 14 and the absence of the SIM slot, the eSIM began to have relevance in the United States. A few months earlier, major US phone companies did not support eSIM on Samsung smartphones, even though they included the technology inside.

In this post we are going to tell you all the details you need to know about the mobile phone companies that support eSIM in the United States, we will include the requirements, the means to obtain it and the compatibility in both smartphones and smartwatches.



AT&T has been offering the eSIM to its customers in the USA for several years. It is compatible with all smartphones that have eSIM technology enabled, although it is important to also take into account compatibility with the frequencies of American networks. This operator offers a tool to check the compatibility of the smartphone that you have purchased outside the company. Similarly, the AT&T eSIM can be activated on smartwatches with Android and iOS operating systems such as the Apple Watch. The request to change from SIM to eSIM or a new line in prepaid and postpaid plans can be made online or from their stores. In this process they will ask you for a contact number and a US physical address.


The German company T-Mobile also enabled the eSIM for its users on prepaid and postpaid plans. It is compatible with all smartphones that allow you to add an eSIM, this includes brands such as Apple iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, Motorola, among others. Like AT&T, it has a tool to check through IMEI if your smartphone is compatible with the eSIM. In addition to smartphones, it is also possible to activate it on smart watches. Finally, the purchase and activation of the eSIM can be done online through its website or by downloading its Apps for prepaid and postpaid plans. Likewise, you can go to one of their physical stores within the USA.


With Verizon you can also add an eSIM to your compatible device. As with T-Mobile and AT&T, Verizon has a tool for you to check if your smartphone or smartwatch can be used on their networks. To request the change from SIM to eSIM or register with a new line, you have available the My Verizon App or the platform accessible from the website called My Verizon.


Xfinity also has eSIM for its users. However, it has several restrictions to request and activate it. First of all, it is only available to customers who have activated the Xfinity Internet residential service , without this it is not possible to have the Xfinity Mobile service. The second important restriction is in its compatibility, for now only an Xfinity eSIM can be activated on Apple iPhone devices; It is not possible on devices from Samsung, Google or other brands that support eSIM.

Cricket Wireless

This company belonging to AT&T also allows users to activate an eSIM, although it does not have the same compatibility. Although it can be activated on Samsung, Apple, Google, among others, devices; To request it online, it is only available for Apple iPhone smartphones. In the same sense, it is not yet compatible with smart watches such as the Samsung Watch or Apple Watch.

Frequently asked questions about carriers supporting eSIM in the USA

Does Sprint support eSIM cards in the US?

Yes, Sprint is now part of T-Mobile and allows you to use its services on an eSIM.