Conecty Review: The Good and Bad of Its eSIM

Conecty Review

Among the different travel eSIM card providers that exist in the world, we have already evaluated Maya MobileNomadYeSIMAiralo and Flexiroam. This time we decided to do it with a Colombian company called Conecty.

We will tell you all the details you need to know about this company: how it came about, the plans it offers, the quality of coverage, customer service and the most notable positive and negative opinions from customers.

Although Conecty also offers physical SIM cards, we will focus on virtual SIMs or eSIM cards.

What is Connecty?

Conecty is a company dedicated to the sale of SIM and eSIM cards for international travel. It was founded in 2014 in Colombia under the name Communícate Fácil Colombia SAS. as an alternative and solution to the high costs of the data roaming service of Colombian telephone companies.

It works through international data plans on prepaid SIM and eSIM cards. This makes one plan possible for use in multiple countries.

Data plans and prices

Currently, Conecty only offers internet service in most countries, in the US it also offers unlimited local calls and calls to Colombia.

This provider does not have an organization in the classification of its plans, in some countries you will find data plans from 3 days and in other destinations only options from 30 days will be available. Likewise, there are countries where it only offers one plan and in others you have up to 13 options to choose from.

Conecty prices vary depending on the destination you choose. This is due to the amount of data it includes, the popularity of the destination and the agreement that this company reaches with local operators. For example, for the US, the cheapest plan costs 20 USD, it has unlimited data for 7 days. On the contrary, if you travel to the Caribbean region you can find a plan for 25 USD that only includes 1 GB and lasts 7 days.

In case no Conecty data package fits your travel plan, there are also other providers with similar features such as Maya MobileNomad and YeSIM, who usually offer data plans at lower prices (from $4), data unlimited and up to 28 options to choose from for each destination.

Where can you get it?

Conecty eSIM cards can be obtained online from its web store. At the moment it does not have an app for Apple or Android devices.

To purchase a Conecty eSIM you are required to check in advance the compatibility of your smartphone with this technology. You will also be asked to share the IMEI and EID of your device, both pieces of information allow this company to assign you an eSIM and verify that your phone will work on the local operator networks of the country you visit.

Payment methods

Conecty, being a Colombian company, stands out for supporting payment methods unique to this country. Among them are PayU and Wompi, in addition to the traditional credit and debit cards Visa, American Express and Mastercard.

All payments are made in dollars, if you pay with another currency, the exchange value is based on the day of the transaction.

What do you receive after the purchase?

It is important to take into account the time when you purchase the eSIM in Conecty. If you do it between 5 am and 10 pm, you will have to wait between 30 minutes to 3 hours to receive it. If you do so outside of these hours, you will have to wait until the next day to receive the eSIM.

After purchasing an eSIM from the Conecty store, you receive an email containing a QR code and instructions for the installation and activation.

If you require an eSIM with immediate delivery 24 hours a day, the aforementioned brands ( Maya MobileNomad and YeSIM ) provide immediate delivery at any time.

Services offered by a Conecty eSIM

Mobile data: it is the main service and is included in all the eSIM cards. It allows you to connect to the internet abroad at a fixed price.

Calls: only available in some packages, with this you can make calls within the country you visit and also to Colombia.

Quality of Conecty services

Now let’s look at the quality of the coverage, customer service and the ease of activating their eSIM cards.


Conecty eSIMs work in more than 190 countries around the world. This company classifies the packages into seven regions: Asia, Africa and Oceania, South America, the Caribbean, Central America, North America and Europe. Of all of them, the one that includes the most countries is the European plan.

The browsing speed in most destinations is 4G / LTE. In places far from cities the signal may be 3G and in countries where 5G is already deployed you also have the option of connecting to this type of networks. The availability of 5G is also conditioned by the commercial agreements of Conecty eSIM cards with the local operator of the country you visit.

Customer service and support

To receive advice or solve problems, Conecty has support through WhatsApp for 21 hours a day. You can also contact their correct email [email protected].

Likewise, Instagram is one of the prominent attention channels of this company.

Ease of installation and activation

Conecty eSIMs are installed by scanning a QR code, which allows you to download the eSIM profile and activate the service on your smartphone.

It is essential to indicate the activation date during the purchase process. In case of a change in the activation day, it is required to indicate it at least two days in advance.

Connecty: Pros and Cons

Taking into consideration our analysis of other eSIM providers for travel and the features and operation of Conecty, we list its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Customer service 7 days a week via live chat.
  • Wide range of countries.
  • Includes calls in the US.
  • Supports Colombian payment gateways (PayU and Wompi).


  • The eSIM delivery process is slow.
  • Does not allow top up.
  • It is required to indicate the activation date.

Customer reviews

We reviewed multiple customer opinions and shared with you the best and worst rated Conecty eSIMs.

Best rated

  • Calls included to Colombia in the US eSIM.
  • Good customer service.

Worst rated

  • Malfunctions in some countries.

And that’s it, if you have a comment or review about Conecty eSIMs, write it in the comment box!