5 Alternatives to the Gigsky eSIM

gigsky esim alternatives

If you want to experience eSIM alternatives to Gigsky, in this post we have selected 5 outstanding ones. Each of them will provide you with internet access on your mobile devices in multiple countries around the world.

All of these alternatives are reliable and supported by thousands of clients. Try the one that suits your travel needs and possibilities. Payment methods, number of data plans and prices are usually some differentiating characteristics compared to Gigsky.

1. YeSIM

YeSIM is a store specialized in eSIM cards that is part of Genesis Group, a company of Swiss origin. This platform facilitates access to eSIM cards with data, allowing the use of your smartphone in more than 100 countries. It classifies your eSIMs into categories according to operation and coverage: local, regional and global.

A notable feature of YeSIM is its wide coverage. This is because most of their eSIM cards connect to the mobile networks of up to five carriers in the country you are visiting , including those that offer the best coverage in the region.

To obtain their services, it is necessary to register on the platform and make the purchase online, with which you obtain a QR code that will allow you to install the eSIM. When you run out of data, YeSIM offers you the option to recharge different data plans to maintain your connectivity.

For those users who handle cryptocurrencies, YeSIM also offers the possibility of making payments through the Binance platform.

2. Maya Mobile

Founded in 2015 in the United States under the name Maya Virtual, Inc., Maya Mobile is a company that specializes in selling data plans through prepaid eSIM cards. Its main focus is aimed at international travelers and workers who need to stay connected in different countries.

Operating through eSIM cards, Maya Mobile allows connection to the local networks of the countries visited, offering the possibility of choosing between the two main mobile telephone networks of each destination. To access its services, you must create a free account, select the travel destination, indicate the service activation date and make the payment . Upon completing this process, you will receive a QR code by email, which will allow you to install the eSIM on your smartphone.

The data plans offered by Maya Mobile have durations of 5, 10, 15 and 30 days. You can choose between different amounts of mobile data, ranging from 1 GB to unlimited lite, standard and max data options . If you run out of data or days of use, you can recharge directly from your Maya Mobile account.

Maya Mobile ‘s coverage spans approximately 200 destinations worldwide, spread across regions such as Europe, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. Although it does not currently offer eSIM with regional coverage in Africa, there are options available for some African countries.

3. Flexiroam

With more than a decade in the market, Flexiroam , a company based in Malaysia, has distinguished itself as a global provider of internet connection services. Its inception in 2011 marked an alternative to the expensive international roaming services offered by local telephone companies.

Throughout its history, Flexiroam has incorporated various technologies to provide internet , text messaging (SMS) and calling services worldwide. These options include FlexiShare, SIM and eSIM.

Flexiroam organizes its rates into global, regional and local categories . Global plans cover more than 150 destinations, while regional plans focus on specific continents such as North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe, among others.

Flexiroam data plans start at $1.90 per 500MB with a three-day validity for local plans. For those who opt for a regional plan, the price increases, ranging between 6 and 8 USD, but with the same amount of data and period of use.

Flexiroam coverage extends to approximately 200 countries worldwide. Importantly, some countries are covered exclusively by regional eSIMs rather than local options. If you are planning a trip to a destination that is not listed on their website, it is advisable to explore regional or global plan options.

Regarding browsing speed, most of Flexiroam ‘s agreements focus on 3G / 4G networks. It is relevant to note that, so far, the company does not offer coverage on 5G networks in countries that have already adopted this technology.

4. MobiMatter

MobiMatter , founded in 2018 in the United Arab Emirates, specializes in the distribution and sale of international eSIM cards for various destinations around the world.

MobiMatter’s coverage spans over 200 global destinations, providing connection speeds that vary depending on the country visited. Most of these destinations offer 4G speeds , and in those with the 5G network deployed, MobiMatter also provides access to this cutting-edge technology.

The company distinguishes itself by offering prepaid data plans with limited amounts of internet at affordable prices, similar to those of local eSIM cards.

Within its store, MobiMatter features a wide variety of eSIM provider options. In some destinations, users can choose from more than 70 data plans, ensuring a diversified offer to meet various needs.

5. SimOptions

In 2016, SimOptions emerged , a Hong Kong-based company that specializes in providing international SIM and eSIM cards for travelers. Its focus is on facilitating Internet connectivity for those who travel abroad through the use of their mobile phones.

SimOptions eSIM cards come with prepaid data plans, most of which are valid for up to one year without activation. The cost per gigabyte of these packages varies depending on the destination, duration, and amount of data included. For example, in certain destinations, 1GB is offered for as little as $1.2, while elsewhere prices can go up to $6.7 per 1GB.

Covering 205 destinations, SimOptions covers both country-specific eSIM cards and those designed to work in regions such as Europe or Asia.

In terms of browsing speed, most of the destinations covered by SimOptions offer the possibility of using 4G networks , which guarantees a good experience when using your smartphone abroad.